First On The Scene

By February 11, 2016Case Study

First On The Scene

Installing TomTom Bridge with Infotech software in emergency vehicles allows dispatch centers to improve the reaction time to accidents and reduce paperwork.

  • TomTom Bridge can be customized to share its location and status with a dispatching center and to receive information, such as assignments.
  • When an accident is reported, the call centre operator is able to locate the closest emergency vehicle available via the Intelligen software and send the location of the incident via an App on the Bridge, to the driver
  • Utilising the Bridge, the driver can accept the mission and will automatically be navigated to the location of the incident, all the while avoiding traffic
  • Once on scene, the driver can take the Bridge out of the vehicle to fill in electronic incident reports, take pictures and collect electronic signatures.

The Challenge

The N3 Toll Concession manages one of the busiest and most critical highways in South Africa. As South Africa’s economy is growing, there are more and more road users and N3TC is constantly looking for ways of improving safety, convenience and mobility on the road.

N3TC has its own fleet of intervention vehicles that perform a range of activities from providing assistance to drivers or cleaning debris on the highways to maintaining the roads’ infrastructure. All these incidents need to be documented by field staff and the current paper based process is cumbersome, time-consuming and error prone.

As these vehicles are constantly on the move, communicating can sometimes be difficult. Moreover, in case of accidents minutes matter. Arriving swiftly on the scene can save lives and minimize traffic congestion. N3TC also wishes its drivers to capture more information and to make these processes more efficient, seamless and accurate.

The Solution

Using the TomTom Bridge and TomTom’s Location Based Services platform, InfoTech developed the following solution for N3 Toll Concession:

  • A TomTom Bridge is installed inside each intervention vehicle with a custom Infotech Mobile Workforce application
  • The dispatch centre has access to Infotech’s Intelligen web platform where they can see the position and status of the vehicles on a map
  • A dispatcher can choose from a number of different incident templates (accident, clean-up operation, etc.) to create a job and assign it to a driver via a simple drag and drop
  • The driver receives a job notification via their Intelligen App on the Bridge, accepts it and is automatically navigated to the location
  • Once arrived on scene, digital forms corresponding to the type of job are automatically pulled up to be filled in by the driver then submitted electronically

The Results

  • Roll-out of the new solution was done in less than two months
  • Communication between dispatchers and drivers is greatly improved
  • Drivers arrive faster on scene thanks to traffic enabled navigation
  • Completed, electronic incident reports are submitted immediately from the scene with less errors thanks to digital forms