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About the Interface: Infotech Mobile Workforce

Infotech Mobile Workforce provides visibility of your whole field workforce and assets with map location via our cloud based platform. Once identified on the system, it will also provide details relating to their current utilisation or deployment, allowing you to better manage your resources and client expectations.

By integrating a cross section of mobile, cloud, real-time data and analytics technologies, Infotech Mobile Workforce connects all the role players, i.e. clients, field staff, operations, resources and finance, thereby enhancing communication, eliminating duplication and wastage and increasing productivity of the company’s workforce, resources and assets.

Infotech Operation Dashboard

Key Benefits

The Infotech Mobile Workforce solution reduces costs and improves the company’s bottom line. Phone calls between field staff, operational staff and clients are drastically reduced through automated workflow management and communication from the system. Paperwork is eliminated through the innovative customisation and deployment of Infotech Mobile Forms, specific to the client’s needs. Optimisation of resources and assets reduces wear and tear and running costs and also improves the company’s carbon footprint. The system reduces the risk of human error related to capturing information on job cards and incorrect time allocation, ensuring more accurate invoicing.

Infotech Mobile Workforce improves end to end operational control of the business and processes whilst providing a clear overall management view. In short, Infotech Mobile Workforce can ensure that the right information is in the right place, at the right time, enabling informed decision making, saving costs and improving the overall client experience.

Partner Details: Infotech Business Solutions (IBS)

Infotech Business Solutions (IBS) is the commercial arm of The Infotech Group, leaders in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry with domain expertise in the wireless telemetry management space, or “the internet of things”, cloud computing and data analytics. Specialising in the integration of various software systems with different mobile and wireless devices operating in locations that are physically removed from the server, thereby opening up the flow of information across a network of disparate systems.

Infotech has a strong local development capability through its fully owned subsidiary, Infotech RED, the research and development arm of the group. It also has several exclusive agencies for world-class technology in various fields, and is therefore able to provide complete turnkey solutions to the corporate client, providing proven technology and customization capabilities while maintaining local presence and support.

In close partnership with Infotech RED, IBS has developed a solution, Infotech Mobile Workforce (IMW), which integrates technologies across mobile, cloud, real-time data and analytics.

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